Microblade virgin alert !!

I have always struggled with my eyebrow shape and had to use pencil and brow kits to top my brows up to make them look fuller. As a busy working mum to a 9-month old baby, my eyebrows were often ‘overlooked’ due to lack of time and energy. Looking for a more permanent solution, I researched the increasingly popular technique of micro blading.

Microblading is a form semi-permanent make up tattoo artistry whereby pigment is implanted under your skin with a manual, handheld tool instead of a machine. This gives a more detailed and precise appearance, with hair like strokes that mimic the natural hairs present in your brows, defining and covering any ‘gaps’ that you may have due to ‘over plucking’. This all sounded like a dream to me, waking up with ‘ready to go’ brows!

Next, it was time to look for a reputable clinic that offered this treatment by a qualified technician. By chance, I was introduced to Angela Kerr, owner of Skin Kerr Clinic, based in Bootle. Angela who has been in the industry for many years is not only qualified to complete microblading, she also trains and accesses people to deliver the treatment.

Feeling confident, I booked in to have a consultation and patch test with Vicky, another experienced technician. Once I was happy with the look that I wanted to achieve, I was ready to experience the benefits of microblading. Before doing so, Vicky removed my masses of eyebrow pencil and applied numbing cream to avoid discomfort and again talked me through the process I was about to undergo. I felt relaxed and confident that I was doing the best thing for my brows!


Vicky gently stencilled in where my new hair strokes would appear, then, with a surgical grade 9 blade and a U-blade began to place my new ‘hair’ made from a brown pigment that sets in the skin forming the look of hair strokes. All very genius to me! We reviewed the progress every so often to ensure the right balance was being achieved to build up my new brows. Overall, I experienced a mild discomfort similar to that of a scratch, when the pigment was applied.


After approximately one and a half hours, I was all done !  Vikky held up the hand mirror to show me the finished result and I was amazed at the full on results of this treatment and then questioned myself as to why I had not had it done before now?! I now had gorgeous full, natural looking eyebrows that I’ve always wanted!before-and-after

I will need to have a slight ‘top up’ after 4 to 6 weeks to ‘go over’ any areas that may have not originally absorbed the pigment. I paid £120 for my new brows which included the top up. After this, I won’t need further ‘top ups’ for at least another year!

I’m ‘over the moon’ and can highly recommend anyone to attend Skin Kerr  clinic for professional and reliable treatments at affordable prices.

Skin Kerr

SK Chemist

516 Stanley Road


L20 5DW

07727 022380



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