Santa Maluco, Pizzeria with some serious South American soul!

I am usually the type that always steers away from what I like to call ‘real food’ during work hours as I worry I’ll become too relaxed for the remainder of the day ,although I have to admit I was proven totally wrong by the unique and exciting experience  at Santa Maluco.

My two work colleagues and I had a busy morning of meetings in the city centre,  and although pushed for time, we thought it would be a good idea to grab some food and ‘recap’ over our last meeting while treating ourselves. Having decided to head over to Castle Street, with its abundance of new eateries, Santa Maluco stood out straight away!


We were welcomed by a friendly waitress who showed us to the last remaining table.  The smell of fresh pizza and full flavours was flowing throughout the very trendy urban decor of coloured breeze blocks, industrial style chairs and Brazillian-inspired graffiti. So why not Italy? Santa Maluco is a ‘Rodizio’ Pizzeria that marries authentic stone baked Italian Pizza with the option of ‘all you can eat’ Rodizio-style dining common in Brazil. Although you can opt to just order a slice of pizza or a whole 18 inch.


The menu was compact and easy to choose from with a good selection of aptly named pizza such as ‘What the Duck’ and ‘Ma-Donner’ reflecting their toppings.  As well as a choice of 11 pizza’s (excluding the dessert pizza’s) there were some classic ‘sides’ to choose from of wedges and doughballs or a speciality salad.


We couldn’t wait to order and as avid carnivores (vegan and vegetarian option also available) we swiftly ordered an 18 inch ‘American’ with spiniata a spicy salami, pancetta, spicy sausage, red onion, sriracha sauce and a requeijao sauce. After just 15 minutes it arrived piping hot in more ways than one! The base, spread with San Marzano tomato sauce, was divine! Thin and crispy with a crust too morish to leave! The toppings were plentiful and the combination of hot spicy ingredients reminded us of the South American influence.


To alleviate some guilt, we ordered a Cobb Salad to ‘make up’ our recommended ‘five a day’! With abundant rows of chicken, pancetta, egg, avocado and tomatoes on a bed of romaine lettuce, it certainly was ‘hearty’! We also accompanied the salad with some rather chunky potato wedges that were lightly seasoned, which to be honest could have done with having a little less oil and a couple more minutes in the oven. Not that we left any of course ;)!


While chatting over lunch it was clear to see that Santa Maluco is a cosmopolitan place to eat and drink with families and city workings dining harmoniously. Its laid back atmosphere would be appealing to most! Finishing our San Pellegrino water, we contemplated ordering a cocktail as the menu sounded AMAZING! With bellies a full and work still on the agenda, we decided to save the cocktails for our next visit.  With five Santas classics plus fifteen creatively thought out cocktails, it’s a given that we’ll be returning soon! I’ve got my eye on Jonno’s Badass Pina Colada  already!maluco_dl-drinks-menu_menu_page-3-1Our ‘American’ Pizza was great value at £18 as it was more than enough for the three of us! Prices for an 18 inch start at £15 for a Margareta. Although, you can just order a slice of any pizza for just £3 and see how you get on sampling through the menu. The Rodizio option is available for £10 per person before 4 pm or £15 per person thereafter. Santa Maluco is open daily from noon until late, so no excuse not to try this place for yourself? See you there!







2 Castle Street,

Liverpool L2 0NA

Tel: 0151 236 5646




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