LVL Lashes: Au naturel treatment that will make you ‘flutter’

Even though I’m a fan of a number of beauty treatments and enhancers, I’ve never felt comfortable wearing false eyelashes or even using ‘clamping curlers’ for that matter. Without sounding too vain, I’m blessed with fairly long lashes and found that using weekend or strip lashes means sacrificing a few natural lashes. So, how do you enhance your own lashes without damaging or losing them??

Before treatment (no mascara)

I was having my eyebrows tinted at All Woman Beauty Salon and heard about the LVL (Length-Volume-Lift) Enhance Treatment that works with your natural lashes. Eagar to find out more, I viewed some before and after images which really impressed me! I was keen to get booked in ASAP with their experienced Lash Technician, Debra Jones.

48 hours prior to my appointment, I revisited for a quick patch test which all reputable salons will insist on. As expected, I had no adverse reactions to the solution, serum or tint that was to be applied on my next visit. I also completed a general disclosure and consent form having not had this particular treatment prior.

Debra settled me into the treatment room and explained that the LVL Enhance Treatment would take approximately 50 minutes to complete and that I would see immediate results following the treatment and that could last up to 6-8 weeks, depending on your type and growth. I was excited already!!

The treatment started with my lashes being cleaned, then a shield was placed over my lower lashes to make sure they were protected from the perming solution, and therefore not be affected. If you’ve had lash extensions you’ll be familiar with this. Then I closed my eyes over the shield and was advised that I would need to keep my eyes closed for the duration of the treatment.

Next, my upper lashes were combed and silicone shields were applied to my upper lids. Once Debra was happy that all my upper lashes had been placed onto the shield, she applied a perming lotion to the roots. After leaving it on to set for around 10 minutes, a neutraliser was applied to the roots for five minutes, followed by the tint to darken my lashes.

Perming solution applied to upper lash roots
Tint applied to darken upper lashes

The final step was a moisturising serum, which also helps the lashes come away from the shield.  I was keen to see the results as Debra handed me the mirror. WOW! The treatment exceeded my expectations with amazing results! It was also quite relaxing and went quickly, without any discomfort.

End result (no mascara)

I’ve had several compliments on my lashes and quite a few people have asked whether I’ve had false eyelashes applied. Without a doubt, I’ll be booking the LVL Enhance Treatment again when my lashes naturally grow out, as does the curl. Although I still apply a coat of mascara, you will see results without doing this, so it’s great if you’re going on holiday, sweating it out at the gym or swimming.

The cost of the treatment at All Woman Beauty is £45 and Debra only uses products that are sourced from Nouveau Lashes.  For those wishing to experience fabulous natural lashes, contact the salon and quote My Liverpool Life for a £10 discount off the regular price. At £35 this really is a great price to pay for long lasting results!

116a South Road


L22 0ND

Tel 0151 928 2681

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