Liverpool Lipo: Helping You Get Bikini Body Ready

It’s the same story every year – we promise ourselves early in Spring that we will have our dream bikini body ready for our summer holiday, but as much time as we can spare in the gym, and as many ice creams that we ditch for fruit salads, it’s just never enough! Losing weight is hard, and sometimes the struggle leads to giving up altogether. However, our favourite non-surgical clinic, Liverpool Lipo, has several easy solutions to getting rid of those ‘flabby’ bits and contouring our bodies so that we look flawless in our swimming costume!

We asked Liverpool Lipo to tell us about the most popular treatments for shedding weight this summer, so read on to find out how you can slim down just in time for that beach holiday!

3D Cavitation

If you’re concerned about cellulite ruining your holiday, then 3D Cavitation is the treatment for you! Ultrasound cavitation is a 3D liposuction treatment that eliminates fat cells from the body, causing you to lose inches from your chosen area (you can have the treatment just about anywhere, but popular areas include: love handles, thighs, tummy, and bum)

It works by contouring your body using ultrasound frequencies to break up fat cells, which will then excrete from the body naturally. Make sure to drink plenty of water to aid this process!

This treatment is perfect for holiday-goers who shudder at the thought of painful lipo and long recovery periods – 3D Cavitation is pain-free with no downtime! You can see results of up to 3-inch fat loss on just the first day, making this treatment a fabulous last minute solution before you fly off on your hols!

3D Lipo

If you want to get rid of your wobbly bits for good, then 3D Lipo is just the treatment for you! Celebs such as Coleen Rooney and Amy Childs are big fans of this fat-loss treatment, leaving them with the flawless bikini bodies you see in the magazines.

So how does it work? Your fat cells are effectively frozen and then flushed out of you to leave you with a toned, slimmer appearance! This treatment is also known as ‘cryolipolisis’ and you can expect to lose up to 40% fat from your chosen area – which means you can skip the treadmill before your summer vacation this year, and do as the celebs do: freeze that fat off!


3D Skin Tightening

Don’t fancy the sound of freezing the fat off? Turn up the heat instead with 3D Skin Tightening. This treatment is also known as radiofrequency due to the energy source that is safely applied to your problem areas in order to melt and drain the fat cells through the lymphatic system.

Up to six treatments are recommended based on your particular needs, and you will start seeing results after your second treatment. The result is an attractive firmer and tighter looking figure as new healthier collagen is formed! Get booking for 3D Skin Tightening now, and you’ll be looking like a beach babe before you know it!

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