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If you love steak as much as we do, and you can’t resist the calling of a good ol’ rump, sirloin or ribeye, CAU Liverpool is the place to be on ‘steak night’. In fact, not just steak night. They’re always filling their social media timelines with plenty of offers, promotions and even competitions! Don’t miss out on anything they have to say using the hashtag #CAULoves!

Who wants just one day dedicated to steak anyway? Every day can be steak day, especially at CAU!

These guys describe themselves as ‘An eclectic selection of dishes from a city where cultures and cuisines collide. Embrace the chaos and pick whatever, whenever.’

Situated on Liverpool’s very best Castle Street, CAU has an extremely modern setting, designed for those who are looking for a unique dining experience. With extremely plush décor and even a funky outdoor, upmarket, farm-like interior, CAU offers a vibrant and edgy experience for all diners.

Their staff, known as ‘CAUboys and CAUgirls’ (very clever by the way), were second-to-none. We can’t rave about these guys highly enough. Our main CAUboy, Tom, was extremely efficient, friendly and always able to recommend the best dish. When we were slightly stuck between what to choose, because everything looks so delicious, Tom was easily able to put us at ease and help us make the right decision (after all, it’s a big one!).

So, what did we choose?

CAU2To start, I had the ‘Burnt’ Tomato Bruschetta with Goats cheese (top image) and my partner went with the Belly of Pork Tempura. Mine was gorgeous, to be honest, I love anything that has goats cheese! However, I am usually a ‘hater’ when it comes to Belly of Pork, but I decided to give it a try, and I am #CAUConverted! If I went again, I would 100% give this starter a go! Served with its very own homemade tomato sauce, it’s a dish that’s unique to CAU.



CAU3For mains, we both went with a 220g sirloin steak (I’m usually a rump kind of girl, but with Tom’s recommendation, the sirloin had to be tried) and each of us had one side each. Chips and sweet potato. Again, I think I am #CAUConverted from a rump to a sirloin, as the steak was cooked to absolute perfection (I have mine a medium-rare), with the two sauces that we had chosen (garlic & herb aioli and a pepper sauce) complimenting the two cuts beautifully. To complement our steak, we went with a ¿SI, NO? MALBEC, which was gorgeous and gave a ripe and powerful taste.


CAU4Finally, and we do mean finally, we chose our desserts. Our bellies were full, but with the desserts staring at us in the face, we were practically dribbling over the menu! Above is the Winter Berry Cheesecake and below is the Chocolate Brownie with Marshmallow. Seriously, the BEST marshmallow around! I could have eaten that by itself!

I’ll definitely be returning! Check them out on social here:

Facebook at CAULiverpool

Twitter at @CAULiverpool

By Hayley Jenkins

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