Furlong & Power’s ‘Ale House’ is an upcoming comedy which will be staged at The Dome Theatre in Grand Central Hall, starting on Monday, February 25th to Saturday, March 19th. The press release was based in Doctor Duncan’s pub on St John’s Lane and showed snippets of the show to give an idea of what to expect. British actor Phillip Oliver who some may recognise from the soap opera Brookside, Doctor Who and Bo Selecta. Lindzi Germain is behind the bar as the big hearted landlady serving an eclectic mix of crazy characters in the Ale House. Liverpool actor Jake Abraham, who was starred in the box office film Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. He will be playing the part of Trevor, a Tourette’s suffering war veteran with uncannily times ticks.
‘Dodgy DVDs, gammy guts, a sing song round the Duke Box and good old fashioned fistcuffs – It’s just a typical afternoon at the Ale House!’
The famous Doctor Duncan’s on St Johns Lane set the scene to introduce the characters of this brand new version of the raucous comedy which will be staged at The Dome Theatre in Grand Central Hall next month. From the writers of Night Collar, Ale House will be playing for a four week long run from Monday, February 25th to Saturday, March 19th and gives the audience a glimpse inside a local drinking establishment and the regulars which frequent it.

Phillip Oliver said “The comedy has been really successful so far because it’s so true to life. It portrays life in a typical boozer with all the characters and shenanigans that go on. The audience can identify with the characters and are always saying ‘I know people like that in my pub!’”
“We’ve just updated it and dragged it into the 21st century,” he revealed. “We’ve added more emotion including a love story between two lost and lonely souls’”
Liverpool indie rock band Space have written a piece of music to open the show and local band The Stamp will be playing live afterwards.
All sounds very exciting and definitely worth checking out!

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